Grout Magic - Your Local Tiled Floor & Grout Cleaning Specialist

We Specialize in Floor Tile & Grout Cleaning for your home, business, office or commercial space. We service all areas from Rockingham to Mandurah plus all local S.O.R Perth Suburbs.

How does our expert tile and grout cleaning system work?

With over 15 years experience in the Perth tile cleaning industry, we have the specialist knowledge to get any type of tile and grout floor cleaned no matter how dirty the area. We use a SX12 Hydro Force professional grout cleaning machine that will wash away old layers of grime and mould from your dirty tiled floors in just seconds. The tile cleaning machine uses a controlled high-pressure cleaning method that covers every inch of your floor area and has an industrial strength vacuum hose system connected that sucks up all the surface dirt and grime to a portable storage tank outside. There’s no residue left on the floors after cleaning and your sparkling clean tiles and grout-lines will be 100% dry and ready to walk on while moving small furniture back in place.

Don’t waste your money on trying to hire a Bunnings tile and grout cleaning machine that uses an inferior rotating brush system. Most other equipment companies also offer these same hire tile and grout cleaning machines which are out-dated and can’t totally remove all traces of old dirt and mould from dirty floors. Grout Magic’s tile cleaning process uses the latest grout cleaning machine technology that guarantees professional results for your home, business or commercial property.

How to clean dirty tile & grout floors back to looking like new again!